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Episode 75: How Does NASA Help People on the Ground?

Challenge: As a Public Affairs Officer, you need to make science interesting and understandable. Your challenge is to look up “seahorse” in the online encyclopedia. Then re-write a paragraph...

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Episode 74: How Do Structures Stand Up?

Slender Tower Challenge: You need 10 sheets of paper, scissors, and a roll of tape. Your challenge is to build the tallest tower you can with the smallest base...

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Episode 73: How Do You Keep Zoo Animals Happy?

Challenge: How would you design an exhibit for two animals. One of the animals that you might not like, and one for an animal that you do like. Share...

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Episode 72: How Did Marine Animals End Up on Dry Land?

Challenge: Go outside in your backyard or go to your park. Take your jourmal. Make observations. Look at how things are connected, i.e., what birds and plants are related,...

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Episode 71: Why Do Teeth Decay?

Challenge: Get and apple and a pencil. Give the apple 2 or 3 stabs with the pencil. Let the apple sit on the counter for a couple of days....

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Episode 70: Why Do Science Experiments Travel by Balloon instead of by Jet?

Challenge:  Understand the structure of the Earth’s Atmosphere Use a series of boxes and stack them on top of each other. Each box represents a layer of the atmosphere....

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