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Episode 9 Challenge

                    Challenge:  Keep a daily diary during the pandemic and write down what you do, or draw pictures of what...

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Episode 8: Challenge

  CHALLENGE: Connect with Nature! Download the iNaturalist app and use it in your backyard. Draw a picture of one or two plants or trees you see. With your...

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Episode Challenge 7

Challenge: Draw a picture of what YOU think the next underwater habitat should look like! Will it be like Aquarius? Or the International Space Station (but underwater)? Or will...

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Episode Challenge 6

Challenge: Find the International Space Station (ISS)  in the sky. Use the website Spot the Station  to discover when and where the ISS will pass over your house. (Maybe...

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Episode Challenge 5

    CHALLENGE: Compose an original piece of music using the following parameters:    *   Create a piece that is no more than 1 minute in length    * ...

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Episode Challenge 4

CHALLENGE: Make an Accordian drawing pad. Use it to draw your illustrations. Practice making characters with different emotions: happy, sad, angry, smiling, etc.  Take a picture of your accorian drawing...

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