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Episode 24: How Do You Draw Science?

Challenge: Go outside and find a bit of  science interests you. Now  draw it. Be sure to add things into your picture that can’t be conveyed in words. Use...

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Episode 23: What Do You Do If You Lose Your Dolphin?

  Challenge: Dr. Justine challenges everyont to be more aware of your environment, go outside, take a picture of something where you live that could be made better. With your...

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Episode 22: How Can You Use Science to Restore a Beautiful Masterpiece?

Challenge: Do the paper chromotagraphy experiment that Dr. Lomax described in the podcast Take a look at this video for hints on how to do this With your parents...

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Episode 21: How Do you Capture Live, Venomous Lionfish for Scientists?

Challenge: Create some lion fish art, google to see what it looks like, draw or create a digital image or dress up like a lion fish With your parents...

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Episode 20: What is Antimatter and Why Does it Matter to Us?

  Challenge: Go out and look at everyday things, think about the physics and how you encounter anti-matter in your daily life. Draw a picture or make a list...

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Epsiode 19: How Can the Chicken (and other animals) Cross the Road Safely?

Challenge: Check  out the iNaturalist app or any other conservation app to see how you can help with the wildlife in your area. Draw a picture or make a...

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