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Episode 59: How Can Science Help Use to Solve Crimes?

Challenge: Do an experiment to extract DNA from a strawberry. You can search for one on the internet or try this here by Steve Spangler OR if you’re family...

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How Can Physics Help Us to Capture an Alien?

  Challenge: Experience Physics around your  house. Look at gravity, friction, time, and more. Write down a few experiments that you tried. How do you think these forces would...

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Episode #57: What Do You Need to Know to Operate a Rover on Mars?

  Challenge Learn about gravity on different planets. Use a pulley system to feel different weighs. Try this experiment here on Inventors of Tomorrow. With your parent’s permission, send...

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Episode 56: Why Would You Want to Eat a Cricket?

Challenge Learn more about crickets. Draw one and make sure it you include what it eats. With your parent’s permission, consider trying a cricket of your own. Check out...

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Episode 55: How Do You Find a Hidden Giraffe?

  Challenge Make a poster all about your favorite animal. Include what it looks like, what it eats, where it lives… everything you’d want someone else to know about...

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Episode 54: How Can Photographty Inspire Conservation?

  Challenge: Pick an animal, it can be small or big, and imagine yourself as that animal. How would you see the world? Draw a picture or write a...

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