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Episode 70: Why Do Science Experiments Travel by Balloon instead of by Jet?

Challenge:  Understand the structure of the Earth’s Atmosphere Use a series of boxes and stack them on top of each other. Each box represents a layer of the atmosphere....

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Episode 69: Where are the Aliens?

Challenge: Find a planet!! Go to Planet Hunters TESS and learn how to look for a planet. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW  about your experience of searching for a planet...

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Episode 68: Can You Predict Which Animals Will Survive Environmental Change?

Challenge: Develop a system to measure as many traits as you can using building blocks or legos, ie. how tall it is, how many sides it has, it’s color,...

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Episode 67: What Can Ancient Rhinos Tell Us About the Midwest?

  Challenge: Go outside and watch an animal, observe its behavior. What is it doing? How does it use the parts of its body to move, eat, or just...

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Challenge #66

Challenge: Check out the flora and fauna in your own neighborhood. Quietly observe what you see, write it down in a journal, or draw in your notebook. Then  share...

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Episode 65: How Do Super Stinky Plants Help Save Soil?

Challenge: Put a white carnation in a glass of water with a few drops of food coloring. Put a timer on it to see how long it takes for...

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