Month: May 2020

Episode 2 Challenge– How Do you Cut a Person in Half…Safely?

Challenge: We want YOU to try to cut a person in half… safely. Follow the instructions provided by Sue-Ann Below Solve it — Sawing in Half Then take a picture of the trick — you can send 1 or 2, and with your parent’s permission, post it on Twitter or Instagram tagging us! @kidssolve OR email…

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Episode 1 Challenge– How Do You Map an Underwater Forest?

Make your own “underwater forest” in your house. Use cushions, chairs, or whatever you need to form a tunnel. Take a piece of rope and string it through your tunnel. Now blindfold someone (your friend, sibling, parent or YOURSELF) and follow the path through the forest by gripping only the rope. How was it? Difficult?…

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