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Episode 64: How Can 3D Printing Make Implants?

  Challenge: Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Flex and unflex your feet. Those are your tendons. Draw us a picture of your tendons and with your...

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Episode 63: How Do Scientists Listen to Black Holes?

  Challenge: Listen to the podcast and see if you can tell which is a black hole colliding and how close or far away it is. Did you get...

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Episode 62: How are YOU Like a Dung Beetle?

  Challenge: Eat a healthy diet for 3 days. Record how you feel and what your poop looks like in a journal. Then eat your normal diet and do...

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Episode 61: How Do You Keep Astronauts Alive in Space?

Challenge: Make a list of all the ways that you can make your house (your spaceship) sustainable. For example, how can you save water? or maybe cut down on...

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Episode #60: Why are Squid Squishy?

Challenge: Go on U-tube and pick 5 videos to watch about squid.  Write down a few things that you’ve learned or draw a picture of your favorite squid. With...

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Episode 59: How Can Science Help Use to Solve Crimes?

Challenge: Do an experiment to extract DNA from a strawberry. You can search for one on the internet or try this here by Steve Spangler OR if you’re family...

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