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Episode 43: How Do We Learn?

Challenge: Try out Étienne’s Math Raps, then make one of your own! Acceleration: To speed from zero to more at any rate That increase of speed means accelerate Acceleration...

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Episode 42: Why Do You Want to Learn to Code Anyway?

Challenge: Coding programs on a computer is a lot like creating the rules to your own game. Bryanne’s challenge is to pick a game and make it better by...

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Episode 41: Why Do We Need to Know How Things Break?

  Challenge: Do Dr. Tufft’s Egg Drop Challenge to see what happens when two objects collide. You can find it HERE With your parents permission, send us a picture...

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Episode 40: How Can 2 +2 Equal Cleaner Skies?

  Challenge: Create your own family formula by observing your family. Discover how often each person talks at the dinner table or how often the dog has to go...

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Episode 39: Why Would You Want to Follow a Column of Army Ants?

Challenge: Go outside and pretend you are an Army ant. See how many different insects you can find. Make a sketch of what you find or take a picture...

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Episode 38: How Do You Make a Mask that Works?

Super Mask Evaluator Challenge 1. Does it completely COVER their nose, mouth, and rest on the chin on the bottom? (i.e., does it come up to at least the...

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