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Episode 18: How Do You Create Art with Legos?

Meet the Expert: Jonathan Lopes, Lego Master Builder and Artist Jonathan Lopes is a renowned artist who works within the medium of LEGO bricks.  He focuses on a variety...

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Episode 17: How Can We Protect Sea Turtle Nests?

Meet the Expert:  Carlee Jackson, Marine Turtle Specialist  Originally from Detroit, MI, Carlee moved to Florida and received my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology at Florida Atlantic University in...

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Episode 16: How Do You Test a Rocket Without Blowing It Up?

Meet the Expert:   Suzanne Slade, Mechanical Engineer and Children’s Author Suzanne Slade is the award-winning of over 140 books for children. A mechanical engineer by degree who worked on...

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Episode 15: How Do You Fix a Helicopter with Dippity-Doo?

Meet the Expert:  Captain Wendy Lawrence, USN, retired —  Astronaut and Helicopter Pilot Captain Wendy Lawrence graduated from the Naval Academy in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in ocean...

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Episode 14: How Can Kids Help Bats?

Meet the Scientist: Dr. Kristen Lear Bat Conservationist & Science Communicator National Geographic Explorer, AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador Dr. Kristen Lear is a bat conservationist working around the world to...

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Episode 13: How Do You Move Water to Where You Want It to Go?

Meet the Expert: TeMika Grooms TeMika Grooms is a civil engineer and artist, is inspired by the power of art and technology to influence change in society.  She uses...

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Episode 12: How Do You Photograph a Shark… Safely?

Meet the Expert:  Keith Ellenbogen Keith Ellenbogen is an acclaimed underwater photographer with a focus on environmental conservation. Through Keith’s photography, he seeks to evoke a sense of discovery...

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Episode 11: How Do You Build Teeth Out of Soap?

Meet the Expert:   Dr. Emily Swanson, DMD Dr. Emily Swanson is a native of Newnan, GA. She attended undergrad at Georgia Tech where she earned a BS in Biology....

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Episode 10: How Do You Measure Particles That Can’t Be Seen?

Meet the Expert:   Gene Van Buren Gene Van Buren, PhD,  is a nuclear physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). After moving around from the Philippines, to the U.S. Midwest,...

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Episode 9: How Will We Communicate with Astronauts on Mars?

Meet the Expert: Darlene Lim Geobiologist and Principal investigator of human scientific exploration of our solar system (Mars) with NASA   Darlene Lim, PhD, is a geobiologist based at the...

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