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Episode 148: How Do You Get Energy from the Wind?

Neil Milani is currently a senior application engineer for Bachmann electronic and lives in Greenville, SC with his wife, 2 kids and Bongo their pet sugar glider. He has a...

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Episode 147: How do you make a spacecraft safe?

Meet the Expert: Vera Demchenko, Systems Verification & Test Engineer with Lockheed Martin’s Orion Program.   Vera Demchenko is a Systems Test and Verification Engineer on Lockheed Martin’s Orion...

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Episode 146: What Does a Primatologist Do?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Mireya Mayor, Primatologist, Explorer, “Her Wildness” Dr. Mireya Mayor is a world-renowned primatologist and explorer, an award winning TV host and a recognized science communicator....

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Episode 145: How Do Astronauts Live in Space?

Meet the Expert:  Dr. Mike Harrison, Chief Medical Officer for Axiom Space   Michael  Harrison, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. is the Chief Medical Officer for Axiom Space.  Dr. Harrison is...

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Episode 144: How Do Humans (and Robots) Feel?

Meet the Expert:  Dr. Darren Lipomi,  Nano engineering professor at UC San Diego Darren Lipomi earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a minor in physics as a Beckman...

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Episode 143: How Do You Get Materials from the Earth?

Meet the Expert: Alexis Lua, industrial engineer Born in Mexico City where her love for rock formations, exploring caves and cenotes with her dad led to a passion for...

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Episode 142: How Did Computers Evolve?

Meet the Expert:  Rachel Ignotofsky, New York Times Best Selling nonfiction author and illustrator   Rachel Ignotofsky  grew up in New Jersey on a healthy diet of Star Trek...

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Episode 141: How Can We Help the World’s Oceans?

Meet the Expert: Steve Creech, Executive Director and CEO of the Wyland Foundation Since 2008, Steve has served as executive director and President for the Wyland Foundation. He is...

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Episode 140: How Do You Create a Collection?

Meet the Expert: John Corcoran, Director Ripley Entertainment Senior Executive and entrepreneur with broad hospitality and museum experience including creative content, curatorial, operations, development/construction, public speaking and full P&L...

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Episode 135: How Do You Power a Spacecraft?

Meet the Expert: Carl Sandifer, Manager, Radioisotope Power Systems Program, NASA Glenn Research Center Mr. Carl E. Sandifer II is the Chief of the Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS) Program...

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