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Episode 111: How Do You Count Penguins?

Meet the Expert: Noah Strycker, penguin scientist and birder At 35, Noah has packed in more birding adventures than most people do in a lifetime. In 2021, Noah earned...

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Episode 110: How Do You Recognize Every Giraffe in the World?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Monica Bond, Wildlife Biologist  Dr. Monica Bond is a wildlife biologist and biodiversity activist with a focus on ecology of wildlife in fire-affected forests and...

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Episode 109: How Does the James Webb Space Telescope See?

Meet the Expert: Joe DePasquale, Senior Data Imaging Developer   Currently, Joe is the senior Data Imaging Developer at the Space Telescope Science Institute, Joe. Prior to joining STScI in...

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Episode 108: How Do You Make Software?

Meet the Expert: Richard Sheridan, CEO Menlo Innovations Menlo Innovations CEO Richard Sheridan became disillusioned in the middle of his career in the chaotic technology industry. He had an...

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Episode 107: What’s it Like to Live in Antarctica?

Meet the Expert: Karen Romano Young– writer, deep sea diver, and polar explorer Karen Romano Young is an independent science communications specialist. The award-winning and acclaimed author of 30...

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Episode 106: How Do We Know Dinosaurs Could Fly?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Jingmai O’Connor, paleontologist Dr. O’Connor is from Pasadena, California. Her mother is a geologist. O’Connor says that while she was not a dinosaur enthusiast as...

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Episode 105: How Do You Keep Your Computer Safe?

Meet the Expert: Ella Schwartz, Cybersecurity engineer and author   Ella is a cybersecurity warrior interfacing with the U.S. federal government on strategic technology initiatives. She has a bachelor’s...

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Episode 104: How Do You Train a Shark?

Meet the Expert: Gretchen Burson, Aquarist II at the Georgia Aquarium My name is Gretchen Burson. I am an Aquarist II at the Georgia Aquarium. I have worked there...

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Episode 103: Why Do Scientists COUNT Lizard Scales?

Meet the Expert:  Sarah Skebba, zoologist and creator of edZOOcating.com  Sarah is a self-proclaimed animal expert with a background in wildlife biology and zoo and aquarium work. Her passion...

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Episode 102: How Can YOU Be a Codebreaker?

Meet the Expert: Laurie Wallmark, computer scientist and children’s author   Award-winning author Laurie Wallmark is a former software engineer and computer science professor. She writes picture book biographies of women...

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