Episode 18: How Do You Create Art with Legos?

Meet the Expert: Jonathan Lopes, Lego Master Builder and Artist Jonathan Lopes is a renowned artist who works within the medium of LEGO bricks.  He focuses on a variety of genres including urban landscapes, conceptual art, and life-sized sculptures and is well known for his realistic and gritty urban scenes....

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Episode 17: How Can We Protect Sea Turtle Nests?

Meet the Expert:  Carlee Jackson, Marine Turtle Specialist  Originally from Detroit, MI, Carlee moved to Florida and received my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology at Florida Atlantic University in 2016. She is currently  a Marine Turtle Specialist at Gumbo Limbo Nature center, where she helps monitor sea turtle nesting activity...

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Episode 16: How Do You Test a Rocket Without Blowing It Up?

Meet the Expert:   Suzanne Slade, Mechanical Engineer and Children’s Author Suzanne Slade is the award-winning of over 140 books for children. A mechanical engineer by degree who worked on rockets and car braking systems.  Suzanne worked for McDonnell Douglas Space Systems in CA on Delta and Titan rockets and Delta-Star...

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Episode 15: How Do You Fix a Helicopter with Dippity-Doo?

Meet the Expert:  Captain Wendy Lawrence, USN, retired —  Astronaut and Helicopter Pilot Captain Wendy Lawrence graduated from the Naval Academy in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in ocean engineering and earned her “Wings of Gold” in 1982. As a Navy helicopter pilot, she made several deployments to the North...

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Episode 14: How Can Kids Help Bats?

Meet the Scientist: Dr. Kristen Lear Bat Conservationist & Science Communicator National Geographic Explorer, AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador Dr. Kristen Lear is a bat conservationist working around the world to protect bat species through research, community engagement with conservation efforts, and public outreach. She got her first taste of bat conservation...

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Episode 13: How Do You Move Water to Where You Want It to Go?

Meet the Expert: TeMika Grooms TeMika Grooms is a civil engineer and artist, is inspired by the power of art and technology to influence change in society.  She uses her creative and technical skills to support teams developing landscapes, buildings, airports, roadways and play spaces. She currently works as a...

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Episode 19

Wendy Collinson, Road Ecologist

How Can the Chicken (and other animals) Cross the Road Safely? 


Episode 20

Dr. Chloe Malbrunot, Particle physicist Antimatter Factory, CERN 

What is Antimatter and Why Do We Care About It? 


Episode 21

Grant Lockridge, Diving Safety Officer

How Do You Capture Live Venomous Lionfish for Scientists? 


Episode 22

Jason Chin, Children’s Illustrator and Author

How Do You Turn Science into Illustrations for Kids Books? 

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