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Episode 123: How Can Math Blow Your Mind?

Meet the Expert:  Cindy Lawrence, the CEO and Executive Director of the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) Cindy Lawrence, a native New Yorker and lifelong math enthusiast, began her professional career as a CPA, working in both public accounting and the private sector. Her career then segued into education as...

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Episode 122: How Do You Get to the Bottom of the Ocean?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Rosa León Zayas, environmental microbiologist Rosa León Zayas is an environmental microbiologist and bioinformatician. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of Puerto Rico, she studied the genomes of ultra deep-sea single-cell microbes from the Puerto Rico Trench and Mariana’s Trench at the Scripps Institution...

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Episode 121: Ho Do You Tell the Age of a Tree?

Meet the Expert:  Alexandra Siy, Award-winning science author and photographer Alexandra Siy is a science writer for kids, merging STEM and art to make STEAM! Many of her titles use primary source scientific imagery to reveal both outer space and the microscopic, inviting young readers to enter worlds that can...

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Episode 120: How Do You Measure the Size and Shape of a Star?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Gerard van Belle, astronomer, and chief scientist for the the Navy Precision Optical Interferometer Dr. van Belle joined Lowell Observatory’s science staff in 2011. He has applied the highest-resolution, highest-precision, astronomical techniques to detect such nearby exoplanets and map the surfaces of stars. He has worked...

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Episode 119: How is Cloud Watching Helpful for Science?

Meet the Expert: Jessica Taylor, physical scientist and principal investigator for NASA’s GLOBE Clouds Project   Jessica Taylor grew up in Florida where her love of thunderstorms led her to pursue a career in atmospheric science. Jessica’s participation in GLOBE began in 2001 as a student at Florida State University....

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Episode 118: How Easy it is to Land a Helicopter on a Ship?

Meet the Expert: Elizabeth Booker, Retired Coast Guard Pilot and Female Aviation Advocate Elizabeth Book  transitioned to full-time writer in 2019 after a 28-year career as a Coast Guard helicopter pilot and foreign diplomat. She holds a Master in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and a Master...

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