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Episode 63: How Do Scientists LISTEN to Black Holes?

Meet the Expert:  Dr. Eric Thrane, Cosmologist and Astrophysicist Dr. Thrane is  a Professor at Monash University in the School of Physics and Astronomy where he studies cosmology, astrophysics, and gravity. He specialises in astrophysical inference using data from gravitational-wave observatories to answer questions such as: how do compact binaries...

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Episode 62: How are YOU Like a Dung Beetle?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Anne Estes, biologist   Dr. Anne Estes is an integrative biologist interested in the effect of the host diet and physiology on the genome and evolution of the host’s microbiome. The Estes laboratory at Towson University examines the effect of diet and antibiotic perturbation of the...

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Episode 61: How Do You Keep Astronauts Alive in Space?

Meet the Expert: Bailey Burns, Systems Engineer   Bailey Burns is a systems engineer working for Raytheon and now Paragon Space Development Corporation. She is involved in planning the  next mission for the moon! Bailey is also the Rubik’s Brand Amabassador. She first started solving Rubik’s cubes in 7th grade...

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Episode #60: Why are Squid Squishy?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Sarah McAnulty, squid biologist and science communicator   Dr. Sarah McAnulty is a squid scientist at the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Connecticut. She’s also the founder of Skype A Scientist, which matches scientists with classrooms around the world and is...

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Episode 59: How Can Science Help Us to Solve Crimes?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Kelly Elkins, biochemist and forensic scientist  Dr. Kelly Elkins is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Towson University and a founding tri-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Forensic Science Education. She earned her Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Keene State College in 1997 and Masters and Doctorate degrees in Chemistry...

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Episode 58: How Can Physics Help Us to Capture an Alien?

Meet the Expert: Melinda Bradley, physicist and space educator Melinda Bradley is responsible for implementing a range of the Space Foundation’s space-inspired STEM educational programs including the Junior Space Entrepreneurship Program, Discover the Universe field trips and virtual programs as well as the Space Foundation Discovery Center’s public programming initiatives...

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Episode 50

How Do You Have a Snowball Fight on Mars? 

Suzanne Slade, Mechanical Engineer and Children’s author 


Episode 51

How Do We Feel Things? 

Dr. Theanne Griffith, Neuroscientist and Children’s Author


Episode 52

How Can Fossils Make Our Cars Go? 

Maria Marianayagam, Chemical Engineer in the Oil and Gas Field 

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