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Episode 158: Why Does a Spacecraft Need a Heat Shield?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Sarah D’Souza, the Orion Thermal Protection Deputy System Manager at NASA Ames Dr. Sarah D’Souza is currently the Orion Thermal Protection System (TPS) Deputy System Manager at NASA Ames Research Center which is part of NASA’s Artemis program. Dr. D’Souza is a California native with a passion for all things aerospace and...

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Episode 157: What Can We Learn from Volcanoes?

Meet the Expert:  Skylar Hughes, volcano expert and tour guide for Big Island VIP Skylar Hughes is a private volcano tour guide on The Big Island of Hawaii. Originally from Steamboat Springs Colorado, he spent much of his time in nature and the outdoors. In need of change and scenery...

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Episode 156: How Do Plants Survive in Extreme Habitats?

Meet the Expert: Matthew Biggs, Expert Gardener, author, and broadcaster Matthew trained at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He has presented numerous television programmes, notably Channel 4’s ‘Garden Club’, stepped behind the camera to direct Meridian Television’s popular gardening series ‘Grass Roots’ and worked as Horticultural Consultant for a garden...

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Episode 155: How Will AI Help Help Humans with Mobility?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Brenna Argall, robotics engineer Dr. Argall is an associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Northwestern University. Her research lies at the intersection of robotics autonomy, machine learning and human rehabilitation. She is director of the assistive & rehabilitation robotics laboratory (argallab) at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab,...

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Episode 154: How Do You Slow Down a Spaceship?

Meet the Expert:  Julie Wolfson,  Orion Program Risk Manager at Lockheed Martin In this role, she works to ensure that Orion risks to the success of every Artemis mission are identified early and handled properly. She collaborates with engineers from multiple disciplines analyzing technical and safety concerns, and finance staff...

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Episode 153: Why are Shark Teeth Shaped like That?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Lisa Whitenack, Associate Professor and Shark Expert Associate Professor of Biology Lisa Whitenack has contributed to two chapters in the third edition of Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives. She is the lead author of the book’s first chapter, which is about shark paleobiology, with co-authors...

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