Episode 8: How Do you Use Technology to Help Conserve the Planet?

Meet the Expert: Shah Selbe Engineer and Conservation Technologist, National Geographic Explorer Shah Selbe is the founder of Conservify and a National Geographic Explorer and Fellow. He is an engineer and conservation technologist that works with communities, NGOs, and developing countries to identify and deploy technologies that can help with...

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Episode 7: How Do You Build an Underwater “Spaceship”?

Meet the Expert: Fabien Cousteau   Aquanaut, Oceanographic Explorer, Environmental Advocate and Founder of Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center. As the first grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Fabien spent his early years aboard his famous grandfather’s ships, Calypso and Alcyone; and learning how to scuba dive on his fourth birthday. In...

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Episode 6: How Do You Live in Space?

Meet the Scientist:  Cady Coleman, Astronaut   Cady Coleman is a scientist, wife, mother, pilot, musician, retired NASA Astronaut, and a veteran of two Space Shuttle missions and a six-month trip aboard the International Space Station (ISS). As a public speaker, Cady draws from her time in NASA and her...

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Episode 5: How Do You Compose Music that is as Big as the Universe?

Meet The Expert:  Eric Whitacre Grammy® Award-winning composer and conductor Eric Whitacre is one of today’s most popular and performed musicians. His works are programmed worldwide by orchestras and choirs, while his ground-breaking Virtual Choirs have united singers from over 120 different countries. A graduate of the prestigious Juilliard School...

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Episode 4: How Do you Bring Your Illustrated Characters to Life?

Meet the Expert:  Vanessa Brantley-Newton An award-winning author-illustrator, Vanessa celebrates self-love and acceptance of all cultures through her work, and hopes to inspire young readers to find their own voices.   Vanessa Brantley Newton was born during the Civil Rights movement, and attended school in Newark, NJ. She was part of...

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Episode 3: How Do We Restore Our Connection to Water?

Meet the Scientist:  Dr. Kelsey Leonard  As a water scientist and protector, Kelsey Leonard seeks to establish Indigenous traditions of water conservation as the foundation for international water policy-making. Dr. Kelsey Leonard represents the Shinnecock Nation on the Mid-Atlantic Committee on the Ocean, which is charged with protecting America’s ocean...

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Episode 9

Dr. Darlene Lim, NASA Scientist

 How Will We Communicate from Earth to Mars? 


Episode 10

Dr. Gene Van Buren, Nuclear Physicist

Brookhaven Laboratory 

How Do You Measure Particles That Can’t be Seen?


Episode 11

Dr. Emily Swanson, Dentist

How Do You Build Teeth Out of Soap? 


Episode 12

TeMika Grooms, Civil Engineer 

How Do You Move a lot of Water from Where you Don’t Want it to Go to where you Do? 

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