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Episode 204: How Will AI Affect Learning to Code?

Meet the Expert:  Peter Kuperman, CEO and Founder of Hatch Coding Peter began coding at the age of twelve. Now, as a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in finance and technology, Peter founded and lead Hatch Coding, a company that teaches kids how to code. He has...

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Episode 203: How Do Dolphins Recognize Humans?

Meet the Expert: Griselda Mora, dolphin trainer     Griselda is a dolphin trainer and ocean advocate for a large tourist company in Mexico. She worked her way up as a trainer by learning about the animals and volunteering at the company. She does multiple shows a day and loves...

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Episode 202: What’s it Like to be a Civilian Astronaut?

Meet the Expert:  Chris Sembroski, Engineer and  Inspiration 4 Astronaut   Chris “Hanks” Sembroski represented the pillar of Generosity as part of the crew of Inspiration4 by serving as Mission Specialist on a 3-day mission to orbit. He grew up with a natural curiosity about outer space. He could be...

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Episode 201: How Do You Study Exoplanets?

Meet the Expert: Dakotah Tyler, astrophysicists and science communicator as DT STARKid Dakotah Tyler went from Division I college football at the University of Kentucky to delving into the mysteries of the universe. An injury halted his athletic career but opened the door to an unquenchable curiosity about space. With...

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Episode 200: How Much is there Still to Learn About the Ocean?

Meet the Scientist: Brian Helmuth, Aquanaut and Chief Science Officer for Proteus Ocean Group   Brian Helmuth, PhD., is an aquanaut and marine environmental scientist at Northeastern University who loves to spend his time diving and exploring the ocean as he studies the effects of climate change on bodies of...

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Episode 199: What Would it Look Like if We Lived in Space?

Meet the Expert: John Shoffner, Axiom-2 pilot and astronaut In May 2023, astronaut, STEAM advocate, and business pioneer John Shoffner served as Pilot on Axiom Space Ax-2 mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Throughout the duration of his mission, he hosted live events with schools around the world, demonstrating...

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