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Episode 46: How Do You Photograph Animals at Night?

Meet the Expert: Tony Lee Moral, award-winning wildlife and science filmmaker, author Tony Lee Moral is an award winning documentary filmmaker, author and novelist. His main work focuses on natural history science, the arts, psychology and cinema. Tony’s natural history film The Secret Life of Your House won the Special...

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Episode 45: How Do You Diagnose Someone?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Rajani LaRocca, physician and children’s author Rajani LaRocca was born in India, raised in Kentucky, and now lives in the Boston area with her wonderful family and impossibly cute dog. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, she spends her time writing novels and...

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Episode 43: How Do We Remember Things?

Meet the Expert: ÉTIENNE (Steven) Langlois, Teacher- Rockstar Steven “ÉTIENNE” Langlois is an award-winning teacher-rockstar and author of the #1 best-selling book “Rock Your Class.” When he’s not performing for millions of fans in packed theaters and arenas worldwide or teaching in packed classrooms back home, he’s busy helping K-12...

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Episode 42: Why Would You Want to Learn to Code Anyway?

Meet the Expert: Bryanne Leeming, Coder and Inventor Bryanne is the Founder & CEO of Unruly Studios, and inventor of their award-winning product, Unruly Splats. Unruly Splats engage elementary and middle school students with learning STEM skills and computer science through active recess-style play. Unruly Splats was recently awarded MassTLC’s...

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Episode 41: Why Do We Need to Know How Things Break?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Marsha Tufft, Engineer and Author Dr. Tufft has  degrees in mechanical (BSME-Purdue), aerospace (MSAsE- University of Cincinnati), and materials engineering (Ph.D.- University of Dayton). She worked 30+ years that I worked as an engineer professionally at GE Aviation .She is also an active volunteer with GE...

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Episode 40: How Can 2 + 2 Equal Cleaner Skies?

Meet the Expert:  Janice Lao, Environmental Scientist and Development Economist Janice Lao’s life’s work is in making businesses a force for good. She has a rare combination of deep scientific and cross-discipline knowledge, and the ability to engage and communicate effectively. For over 20 years, she has been multi-awarded internationally...

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Episode 50

How Do You Have a Snowball Fight on Mars? 

Suzanne Slade, Mechanical Engineer and Children’s author 


Episode 51

How Do We Feel Things? 

Dr. Theanne Griffith, Neuroscientist and Children’s Author


Episode 52

How Can Fossils Make Our Cars Go? 

Maria Marianayagam, Chemical Engineer in the Oil and Gas Field 

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