Episode 2: How Do you Cut a Person in Half… Safely?

Meet the Expert:   Sue-Anne Webster Sue-Anne Webster is an internationally acclaimed magician, and ASTOUNDING! Sue-Anne’s work in magic led to her being profiled in the world dictionary of magic ~ Dictionnaire de la Prestidigitation, alongside Houdini, Copperfield and Orson Welles. Sue-Anne and her magic are the inspiration for the character...

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Episode 1: How Do You Map an Underwater Forest?

Meet the Scientist: Brian Helmuth Brian Helmuth, PhD., is an aquanaut and marine environmental scientist at Northeastern University who loves to spend his time diving and exploring the ocean as he studies the effects of climate change on bodies of water on our planet. Helmuth lab at Nahant Marine Science...

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Episode 9

Dr. Darlene Lim, NASA Scientist

 How Will We Communicate from Earth to Mars? 


Episode 10

Dr. Gene Van Buren, Nuclear Physicist

Brookhaven Laboratory 

How Do You Measure Particles That Can’t be Seen?


Episode 11

Dr. Emily Swanson, Dentist

How Do You Build Teeth Out of Soap? 


Episode 12

TeMika Grooms, Civil Engineer 

How Do You Move a lot of Water from Where you Don’t Want it to Go to where you Do? 

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