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Episode 169: What is an Atmospheric River?

Meet the Expert:  Dr. Kristine Harper, meteorologist and professor of the history of science Dr. Kristine Harper is a professor of history. She joined the Florida State University faculty in 2008. Dr. Harper conducts historical research at the nexus of the history of science, history of technology, and environmental history...

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Episode 168: How Can You Use NASA’s Data to Solve a Problem?

Meet the Expert:  Cindy Chin, NASA Datanaut Cindy is an entrepreneur, venture strategist, solutions leader, and a cultural ambassador of the arts and sciences. As an advisor, she serves on advisory boards for several startup and innovation projects (AVA, Vault 12, SVB Brain Trust) in a spectrum of frontier technologies....

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Episode 167: The BEST of Thinking Like an Engineer

The Solve It for Kids Podcast is on vacation for the month of July. But we have left you a great clip of three episodes that show the BEST of Thinking Like an Engineer! Listen to short chats from these three amazing guests:   Dr. Jermey Matthews –Ep 91: How...

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Episode 166: The BEST of Space Exploration (to the Moon)

The Solve It for Kids podcast is on summer break! But we have left you a few clips of some the best space exploration episodes to enjoy.   Carl Sandifer from NASA Glenn Research Center– How do you Power a Spacecraft?-–   Dr. Sarah D’Souza from NASA Ames Reserach Center–Why...

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Episode 165: The BEST of Studying Animals

The Solve It for Kids podcast is on vacation for the month of July. But don’t worry, we’ve left some of our favorite episodes for you to enjoy. This week it’s the BEST of Studying Animals. You’ll hear clips from previous episodes with          Dr. Mireya Mayor...

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Episode 164: The BEST of Working with Robots

Take a listen to some of our favorite episodes about Working with Robots!   You’ll hear from Dr. Carlotta Berry– How Do You Talk to a Robot?  —      Dr. Darren Lipomi (How do humans–and robots– feel?) —     Dr. Topher Hunter —-How do you build a droid?— ...

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