Episode 23: What Do You Do If You Lose Your Dolphin?

Meet the Expert:  Dr. Justine Jackson-Ricketts Justine is  a freelance writer, editor, and reviewer,  who now mainly focuses on science education. She has a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of California Santa Cruz. For my Ph.D., she studied a threatened species of Irrawaddy dolphin in Thailand....

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Episode 22: How Can You Use Science to Restore a Beautiful Masterpiece

Meet the Expert:  Suzanne Quillen Lomax, Senior Conservation Scientist, The National Gallery of Art Suzanne Quillen Lomax received her Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from the University of Maryland, and then went to Northwestern University, where she performed postdoctoral research in organic photochemistry. Dr. Lomax has been working as an organic...

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Episode 21: How Do You Capture Live, Venomous Lionfish for Scientists?

Meet the Expert: Grant Lockridge, Diving Officer Grant is the Diving Officer and lead engineering technician for Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama. As the diving officer, Grant is in charge of preparing the dives for scientists who come down to Dauphin Island to conduct research. He goes out and...

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Episode 20: What is Antimatter and Why Does it Matter to Us?

Meet the Expert: Dr.  Chloé Malbrunot, particle physicist Dr. Malbrunot is  a physicist working at CERN which is the largest international physics laboratory in the world. It hosts the Large Hadron Collider, the most powerful machine accelerating protons to the highest energies humankind ever achieved. She works on the low...

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Episode 19: How Can the Chicken (and other animals) Cross the Road Safely?

Meet the Expert: Wendy Collinson, Road Ecologist   Wendy Collinson works in South Africa for an organization called the Endangered Wildlife Trust and is the manager of the Wildlife and Transport Programme. She studies the effects that transport has on wildlife and how we can prevent it. Wendy is continuing...

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Episode 18: How Do You Create Art with Legos?

Meet the Expert: Jonathan Lopes, Lego Master Builder and Artist Jonathan Lopes is a renowned artist who works within the medium of LEGO bricks.  He focuses on a variety of genres including urban landscapes, conceptual art, and life-sized sculptures and is well known for his realistic and gritty urban scenes....

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Episode 29


how Do Galaxies Form? 


Episode 30 

BEST OF Solve It For Kids: SPACE  #WomenInSTEM

Featuring Suzanne Slade, Dr. Darlene Lim, and Astronaut Cady Coleman 


Episode 31

BEST OF Solve It For Kids: OCEAN 

Carlee Jackson, Keith Ellenbogen, Dr. Mark Patterson


Episode 32

Sneak Preview of Jed’s Reading With Your Kids Podcast! 

Astronaut-Aquanaut: How Space Science and Sea Science Interact

NEW SEASON Starts January 5th! 

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