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Episode 198: How Do You Turn Old Wind Turbine Blades into Functional Art?

Meet the Expert:  Brian Donahue, Managing Partner, Canvus, Inc. Canvus is a manufacturer of furniture made from wind turbine blades. 5,000-8,000 wind turbine blades are retired each year. The wind industry has struggled with recycling them due to their massive size, durability, and fiberglass material. Canvus created a solution for these blades...

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Episode 197: Where Can We Find Life in the Universe?

Meet the Expert: Natasha Carr, MPhysics I’m Natasha, I am a planetary and instrumentation physicist, researching at the University of Leicester and Space Park Leicester for my PhD! I have has a focus in space instrumentation throughout my Masters degree and PhD, from Raman spectroscopy to X-ray telescopes and for...

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Episode 196: How Long Can Humans Live Underwater?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Joseph Dituri, Aquanaut and Director of the Undersea Oxygen Clinic in Tampa Dr. Joseph Dituri is a lifelong explorer, university professor, world-record holder, retired naval commanding officer, published author, and global speaker. Most recently he has garnered international media coverage for living underwater for 100 days....

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Episode 195: How Can You Use Music to get Kids Excited about STEM?

Meet the Expert: Victor Villegas, Digital and Technology Coordinator for Oregon State University by day and the “DroneSinger” at night Having grown up in a family with a love for music, Victor has been playing and composing music since he was young. He is a bilingual singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, puppeteer and...

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Episode 194: Can you do Science at Sea?

Meet the Expert: Erin Winick Anthony, Science Communicator Erin is the founder of science communication company STEAM Power Media which works to share the creativity in science and engineering, and help others tell their science stories. Erin has a B.S. in mechanical engineering and more than nine years experience working as a...

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Episode 193: How Can You Prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse?

Meet the Expert: Dan Schneiderman, Eclipse Partnership Coordinator at the Rochester Museum and Science Center Dan Schneiderman is the Eclipse Partnership Coordinator at the RMSC (Rochester Museum and Science Center) and co-chair of the Rochester Eclipse Taskforce. He has over 10 years of experience producing STEAM-based events around Rochester and...

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