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Episode 121: Ho Do You Tell the Age of a Tree?

Meet the Expert:  Alexandra Siy, Award-winning science author and photographer Alexandra Siy is a science writer for kids, merging STEM and art to make STEAM! Many of her titles...

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Episode 120: How Do You Measure the Size and Shape of a Star?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Gerard van Belle, astronomer, and chief scientist for the the Navy Precision Optical Interferometer Dr. van Belle joined Lowell Observatory’s science staff in 2011. He...

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Episode 119: How is Cloud Watching Helpful for Science?

Meet the Expert: Jessica Taylor, physical scientist and principal investigator for NASA’s GLOBE Clouds Project   Jessica Taylor grew up in Florida where her love of thunderstorms led her...

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Episode 118: How Easy it is to Land a Helicopter on a Ship?

Meet the Expert: Elizabeth Booker, Retired Coast Guard Pilot and Female Aviation Advocate Elizabeth Book  transitioned to full-time writer in 2019 after a 28-year career as a Coast Guard...

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Episode 117: How Do You Save Baby Sea Turtles?

Meet the Expert:  Dr. Marsha Tufft, engineer Dr. Tufft has degrees in mechanical (BSME-Purdue), aerospace (MSAsE- University of Cincinnati), and materials engineering (Ph.D.- University of Dayton). She worked 30+...

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Episode 116: The BEST of Flight

Soar through the stratosphere with a few of our BEST of Flight episodes!   You’ll hear from   LCDR Becky Shaw — Why Would You Fly into a Hurricane?...

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Episode 115: The BEST of Amazing Engineering

Love to learn about the wonders of engineering and technology? Don’t miss this fabulous episode with snippets from AMAZING engineering!!     Dr. Arturo Dominguez discusses (How To Hold...

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Episode 114: The BEST of Aquatic Animals!

Take a deep dive into the ocean with this BEST of Aquatic Animals episode. Enjoy snipppets of chats with Dr. Amy Apprill (Do Whales Have Germs?)      ...

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Episode 113: The BEST of Ice!

Enjoy this COOL selection of our BEST of ICE episodes with Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj (How are Glaciers Nature’s Time Machine?)           Dr. Will Grundy (Why...

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Episode 112: Can You Use Rocks to Store Carbon Dioxide?

Meet the Expert: Katrin Steinthorsdottir, geologist Katrin Steinthorsdottir (she/her) is a geologist from Iceland living in Vancouver, Canada. Originally her interest in rocks came from the smooth black pebbles...

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