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Episode 194: Can you do Science at Sea?

Meet the Expert: Erin Winick Anthony, Science Communicator Erin is the founder of science communication company STEAM Power Media which works to share the creativity in science and engineering, and help...

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Episode 193: How Can You Prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse?

Meet the Expert: Dan Schneiderman, Eclipse Partnership Coordinator at the Rochester Museum and Science Center Dan Schneiderman is the Eclipse Partnership Coordinator at the RMSC (Rochester Museum and Science...

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Episode 192: How Do You Study the Smallest Things?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Katy Grimm, Associate Professor at California University State East Bay, researcher at CERN   Katy Grimm is an Associate Professor of Physics at California State University East...

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Episode 191: The BEST of Launching a Rocket!

    The Solve It for Kids Podcast team is on their last week of holiday break. Please enjoy this out-of-the-world episode about launching rockets. You’ll hear clips from...

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Episode 190: The BEST of Energy and Engineering

Happy 2024! The Solve It for Kids Podcast team of Jennifer and Jeff are still on holiday break. We have left you a few clips from some of our...

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Episode 189: The BEST of Extreme Places to Live

The Solve It for Kids podcast is on holiday break. Please enjoy some snippets of our favorite shows about Living in Extreme Places! You’ll “visit” an underwater habitat with...

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Episode 188: The BEST of Amazing Animals!

The Solve It for Kids podcast is taking a holiday break! Please enjoy clips from three of our favorite episodes about amazing animals! You’ll learn about How to help...

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Episode 187: How Do You Build a Space Station?

Meet the Expert: Bob Cabana, outgoing NASA Associate Administrator and astronaut Robert D. Cabana is a former NASA astronaut, currently serving as the agency’s associate administrator, its third highest-ranking...

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Episode 186: Do Animals Have Feelings?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Carl Safina, Carl Safina’s work explores how we are changing the natural world and what the changes mean for human and non-human beings. Carl sees...

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Episode 185: What’s it like to Blast off in a Rocket?

Meet the Expert: Astronaut Nicole Stott Nicole is an astronaut, aquanaut, artist, mom, and now author of her first book Back to Earth ~ What Life In Space Taught Me...

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