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Episode 61: How Do You Keep Astronauts Alive in Space?

Meet the Expert: Bailey Burns, Systems Engineer   Bailey Burns is a systems engineer working for Raytheon and now Paragon Space Development Corporation. She is involved in planning the ...

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Episode #60: Why are Squid Squishy?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Sarah McAnulty, squid biologist and science communicator   Dr. Sarah McAnulty is a squid scientist at the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the...

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Episode 59: How Can Science Help Us to Solve Crimes?

Meet the Expert: Dr. Kelly Elkins, biochemist and forensic scientist  Dr. Kelly Elkins is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Towson University and a founding tri-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Forensic Science...

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Episode 58: How Can Physics Help Us to Capture an Alien?

Meet the Expert: Melinda Bradley, physicist and space educator Melinda Bradley is responsible for implementing a range of the Space Foundation’s space-inspired STEM educational programs including the Junior Space...

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Episode #57 What Do You Need to Know to Operate a Rover on Mars?

Meet the Expert:  Brian Franz, Mechanical engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (NASA JPL) Brian’s fascination with space began in middle school and the Boy Scouts with the introduction...

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Episode 56: Why Would You Want to Eat a Cricket?

Meet the Expert:  Devan George, Entomologist (aka bug scientist)    Devan  graduated from University of Delaware with a M.S. in Entomology. She grew up in Honesdale, PA, attending Honesdale...

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Episode 55: How Do You Find a Hidden Giraffe?

Meet the Expert: David Brown, biologist and wildlife conservationist David Brown is a biologist, wildlife conservationist, and environmental educator. He has researched giraffe population genetics, and along with his colleagues...

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Episode 54: How Can Photography Inspire Conservation?

Meet the Experts: Dr. Brian Helmuth, Aquanaut and  Marine Scientist AND Keith Ellenbogen, famed underwater photographer   Brian Helmuth, PhD., is an aquanaut and marine environmental scientist at Northeastern...

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Episode 53: How Can You Stay Dry on a Rainy Day?

Meet the Expert:  Samantha Jacques, Meteorologist WZZM 13 On Your Side   Samantha Jacques is the Weekend Morning Meteorologist at 13 ON YOUR SIDE in Grand Rapids, Mich. She...

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Episode 52: How Do Fossils Make Your Car Go?

Meet the Expert: Maria Marianayagam, Chemical Engineer   Maria Marianayagam is a Sri Lankan-Canadian chemical engineer and children’s book author. She was born in India and grew up in...

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