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Episode 24: How Do You Draw Science?

Meet the Expert:  Jason Chin, Award-winning author/illustrator of science books for children Jason Chin combines imaginative storytelling with intriguing science to create books that enchant and educate.  He is...

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Episode 23: What Do You Do If You Lose Your Dolphin?

Meet the Expert:  Dr. Justine Jackson-Ricketts Justine is  a freelance writer, editor, and reviewer,  who now mainly focuses on science education. She has a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary...

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Episode 22: How Can You Use Science to Restore a Beautiful Masterpiece

Meet the Expert:  Suzanne Quillen Lomax, Senior Conservation Scientist, The National Gallery of Art Suzanne Quillen Lomax received her Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from the University of Maryland, and...

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Episode 21: How Do You Capture Live, Venomous Lionfish for Scientists?

Meet the Expert: Grant Lockridge, Diving Officer Grant is the Diving Officer and lead engineering technician for Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama. As the diving officer, Grant is...

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Episode 20: What is Antimatter and Why Does it Matter to Us?

Meet the Expert: Dr.  Chloé Malbrunot, particle physicist Dr. Malbrunot is  a physicist working at CERN which is the largest international physics laboratory in the world. It hosts the...

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Episode 19: How Can the Chicken (and other animals) Cross the Road Safely?

Meet the Expert: Wendy Collinson, Road Ecologist   Wendy Collinson works in South Africa for an organization called the Endangered Wildlife Trust and is the manager of the Wildlife...

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Episode 18: How Do You Create Art with Legos?

Meet the Expert: Jonathan Lopes, Lego Master Builder and Artist Jonathan Lopes is a renowned artist who works within the medium of LEGO bricks.  He focuses on a variety...

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Episode 17: How Can We Protect Sea Turtle Nests?

Meet the Expert:  Carlee Jackson, Marine Turtle Specialist  Originally from Detroit, MI, Carlee moved to Florida and received my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology at Florida Atlantic University in...

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Episode 16: How Do You Test a Rocket Without Blowing It Up?

Meet the Expert:   Suzanne Slade, Mechanical Engineer and Children’s Author Suzanne Slade is the award-winning of over 140 books for children. A mechanical engineer by degree who worked on...

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Episode 15: How Do You Fix a Helicopter with Dippity-Doo?

Meet the Expert:  Captain Wendy Lawrence, USN, retired —  Astronaut and Helicopter Pilot Captain Wendy Lawrence graduated from the Naval Academy in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in ocean...

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