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Episode 51 How Do We Feel Things? #BrainScience

  Challenge: Do one of these brain challenges With your parents permission, send us a picture of what you learned  via email at OR tag us on...

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Episode 50: How Do You Have a Snowball Fight on Mars?

    Challenge: Take a photo of yourself on Mars (or in mission control) with NASA’s Mars Photo Booth Record a message and hear how your voice sounds on Mars Send...

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Episode 47: Why Should We Care About Biodiversity?

Challenge: Go outside in your backyard or a park  and count all of the different organisms you see. How many did you find? 10? 20? 50?  Draw a picture...

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Episode 46: How Do You Photograph Animals at Night?

  Challenge: Set up a camera at night to see what you can capture. Follow Tony’s instructions in the podcast or click HERE: If you want, share your picture ...

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Episode 45: How Do You Diagnose Someone?

  Challenge: Can you find your heart rate? Look for your pulse! Follow these directions to see what your pulse is then find the pulse of all your family....

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Episode 43: How Do We Learn?

Challenge: Try out Étienne’s Math Raps, then make one of your own! Acceleration: To speed from zero to more at any rate That increase of speed means accelerate Acceleration...

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