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Episode 85: The BEST of Animals

Happy Holidays! Jennifer and Jeff are on vacation, but don’t miss our BEST of Animals compilation with snippets of episodes with some of our favorite biologists!   Dr. Sarah McAnulty  Why are Squid Squishy? — Episode #60        Dr. Alison Pearce Stevens What Can Ancient Rhinos Tell Us About the Midwest? — Episode… Continue Reading Episode 85: The BEST of Animals

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Episode #60: Why are Squid Squishy?

Challenge: Go on U-tube and pick 5 videos to watch about squid.  Write down a few things that you’ve learned or draw a picture of your favorite squid. With your parent’s permission, send us what you did. Share with us on our Twitter , Instagram or Facebook page and you’ll automatically be entered to win a copy… Continue Reading Episode #60: Why are Squid Squishy?

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