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Episode Challenge 6: How Do You Live in Space?

Challenge: Find the International Space Station (ISS)  in the sky. Use the website Spot the Station  to discover when and where the ISS will pass over your house. (Maybe...

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Episode Challenge 5: How Do You Compose Music that is as Big as the Universe?

    CHALLENGE: Compose an original piece of music using the following parameters:    *   Create a piece that is no more than 1 minute in length    * ...

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Episode Challenge 4: How Do You Bring An Illustration to Life?

CHALLENGE: Make an Accordian drawing pad. Use it to draw your illustrations. Practice making characters with different emotions: happy, sad, angry, smiling, etc.  Take a picture of your accorian drawing...

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Episode 3 Challenge: How Do We Restore Our Connection to Water?

CHALLENGE: Go on a Water Walk! Pick a body of water near your house and go with your parents on a walk safely along the water. Take time to...

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Episode 2 Challenge– How Do you Cut a Person in Half…Safely?

Challenge: We want YOU to try to cut a person in half… safely. Follow the instructions provided by Sue-Ann Below Solve it — Sawing in Half Then take a...

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Episode 1 Challenge– How Do You Map an Underwater Forest?

Make your own “underwater forest” in your house. Use cushions, chairs, or whatever you need to form a tunnel. Take a piece of rope and string it through your...

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