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Episode 14: How Can Kids Help Bats?

  Challenge:  Draw a picture of a bat and something the bat would need to live (insect, nectar) and where they would live (tree, cave).  Take a picture of...

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Episode 13: How Do You Move Water to Where You Want it to Go?

Challenge: Gather  2 straws, some water,  some oil (vegetable or corn) and a  bowl. You are going to pour the water and oil through the straws and into the...

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Episode 12: How Do you Photograph a Shark…Safely?

Challenge:   Pick a shark that you like and do some research on it. See what cool facts you can learn. Then draw  your own picture of the shark...

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Episode 11: How Do You Build Teeth Out of Soap?

    Challenge:   Watch this You-Tube video of how you carve a tooth out of soap. Then do it yourself. Be sure to be safe while doing this and...

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Episode 10 Challenge: How Do you Measure Particles that Can’t Be Seen?

Challenge:   Watch the video of how particles collide and then draw your own image of what you think it would look like. Choose  different colors for different particles....

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Episode 9 Challenge: How Will We Communicate with Astronauts on Mars?

                    Challenge:  Keep a daily diary during the pandemic and write down what you do, or draw pictures of what...

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