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Episode 20: What is Antimatter and Why Does it Matter to Us?

  Challenge: Go out and look at everyday things, think about the physics and how you encounter anti-matter in your daily life. Draw a picture or make a list...

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Epsiode 19: How Can the Chicken (and other animals) Cross the Road Safely?

Challenge: Check  out the iNaturalist app or any other conservation app to see how you can help with the wildlife in your area. Draw a picture or make a...

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Episode 18: How Do you Build Art with Legos?

  Challenge:  Create a simple, imaginative structure of your own. You can sketch it out beforehand if you want, but don’t use official directions. Just let your imagination roam...

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Episode 17: How Can We Protect Sea Turtle Nests?

Challenge: Make your own recycling bin and decorate it (maybe with turtles) and use it to pick up trash on the beach! And also, use less plastic, if possible...

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Episode 16: How Do You Test a Rocket Without Blowing It Up?

  Challenge:      Build and Test your OWN Rocket. Follow these directions:                     With your parents permission, send us...

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Episode 15: How Do You Fix a Helicopter with Dippity-Doo?

Challenge:   Look around their house, and with your parent’s permission,  find something that is broken. But you have to fix it just using stuff you have around the...

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